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The Rich Woman Workshop

Transform your Financial Destiny in 1 day

the power of a woman

Financial Freedom Is Your Birthright

Transform your inner poor girl into an Abundant and Rich Woman

This RICH WOMAN workshop transforms your identity around money, in just one day. Release lifetimes of money limitation, and decades of scarcity programming so the new wealthy you can emerge. It’s Science Baby! And It Works.

Your old money story isn’t your fault, but the transformation of it is your responsibility.

When you reprogram the old money beliefs that are keeping you stuck in toxic money cycles, you are free to flourish in financial abundance and breakthrough income ceilings with ease.

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The Rich Woman Workshop

Are you ready for your new abundant life. It’s yours for the taking when you heal your relationship with money, open the channels to the universal cash flow, and reprogram your wealth consciousness for more than you’ve allowed yourself to have.

Feeling panicked over your bank balance?

Trapped in an endless cycle of money going out as soon as it comes in? (Help! This rollercoaster ride sucks!!)

Shackled to debt, scarcity and financial struggle? Or, you just can’t seem to break out of that cycle of feast and famine?! Hit that income ceiling and stuck at your current money level?

This is your invitation to leave it all at the door.

Buh-bye. See you never.

Picture it now:

  • Opening up your wallet and paying for anything your heart desires (no sweating over whether or not your card will be declined)
  • Actually going on those trips that you’ve been putting off until you could afford it
  • Checking your bank balance on your phone and watching the deposits come in
  • Seeing your net worth tick upwards steadily
  • Watching your debts disappear as you easily and quickly pay them down
  • Feeling more confident in who you are and what you are here to do
  • Exuding the confidence of a financially prosperous woman as you watch your income increase

Believe me, I know how far away it can feel if you’re used to money drama and scarcity. But just as I broke through the shackles of struggle and the poison of poverty consciousness, so can you.

This is a sacred invitation to transcend your fear, frustration, shame and debilitating money stories, so you can attract more wealth, increase your cash flow and become a sacred money manifestor.



Break free from your old identity and your abusive relationship with money to invite in divine abundance and cash flow.

Sacred Money is the proven pathway for Women Ready To

Release The Struggle, Ditch the Scarcity, And Make Miraculous Money

Get in control of your money so that you can feel the ease, peace and financial abundance that you’ve been searching for but haven’t been able to find — using the divine principles of wealth as your guide.

Is this you, Divine Woman?

  • Your money runs out almost as soon as you get it, or
  • You aren’t sure how to monetize your soul’s purpose
  • You’re afraid to shine as brightly as you really are
  • Deep down You aren’t really sure if you’re deserving of financial abundance
  • On some level you’re afraid that having too much money makes you greedy, snobby and downright bad

Here’s what those Law of Attraction experts don’t teach us about manifesting money:

We lack money because we have lack belief in ourselves and in the Divine.

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Time To Get Real

Do you find yourself questioning your own worthiness? Lacking belief that you even HAVE a soul purpose to fulfill (like maybe God forgot to give you one?), or that you have the capability to fulfill it if you do have one? Are you Lacking the belief that you can absolutely have a happy and fulfilled life without all of this money stress?

Of course, you want more money in the bank. Who doesn’t? But what you really want… waaay deep down inside of your soul… what you’re really aching for is freedom, security, and comfort. And yes, my sister, you are WORTHY of all of those things and so much more.

Maybe you’ve tried to harness the law of attraction yourself. You watched “The Secret”, you listened to Abraham Hicks teachings, but those strategies haven’t been working for you long-term.

You manifest the money, and it’s gone as quickly as it came.

Or you can only make money when you’re knee-deep in struggle, stress and sweat from all that hustling... and it is still never enough.

You keep thinking “I don’t know how to do this” so, in true Law of Attraction style, you attract more of “I don’t know how.” You’re stuck in this poverty mindset that keeps perpetuating the same cycles… over and over and over again.

You’re exhausted. You’re frustrated. You’re deeply hurt by the way money has treated you. You’ve lost trust in money and in yourself.

This is not the money relationship a Sovereign Queen like you deserves. This is a poor girls relationship with money.

This must end now.

Money and Roses

Goddess Money is meant for you

What we will cover in The Rich Woman Workshop

  • Clear out old patterns, conditioning and blocks
  • Feel worthy and deserving of wealth
  • Have the tools to manifest your deepest desires
  • Ditch the self sabotaging patterns that have kept you small and broke and awaken your feminine Power to create
  • Connect deeply to the Divine, the Goddess energy, and receive Angelic blessings in every area of your life
  • Tap into the angelic realm to receive cosmic guidance and support whenever and wherever you need it
  • Watch as the flow of prosperity increases and more money begins to manifest itself
  • Open up to receive your hearts desires

The New Rich You

See, the difference between theory and proven practice is the difference between where you are right now and you having the money you desire delivered to you on a 24k gold platter.

Here’s what I know to be true from the bottom of my very soul:

Women who allow abundance in will change the world.

When you have a rich woman identity, the Universe responds in kind and you are given to in ways you only dreamed of. It’s as simple as that.

During the Rich Woman Workshop, you’ll replace your old stories with the new patterns and conditioning you need to be a wealthier version of yourself, and you’ll immediately start to see the world changing around you. The Universe will deliver things to you that you’ve wanted for so long…

During our time together we will get to the root of your conscious and subconscious issues around money and clear them out, reprogramming the limiting beliefs you’ve held onto for far too long. We are going to clear your energy field, and we are going to rewire your brain, so those old patterns are replaced with new, more effective and productive ones; so you can receive the money flow you truly desire.

You will have your rich woman programmed in by the time we are finished and leave this workshop feeling happier, healthier, more blessed, and more abundant than ever before. Guaranteed.

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Live Rich Woman Workshop + The Full Sacred Money Manifesting Ritual

What’s Included:

The Rich Woman Goddess Money Reiki™


The Rich Woman New Money Story Workbook

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Guided Healings, Rewiring, & Transformations During The Session

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“When does The Rich Woman Workshop Happen?”

This Rich Woman Workshop is held live on Saturday October 7, 2023, and will be recorded and available in your membership portal if you can’t make it live; or if you feel like experiencing it again. It is yours to keep.

How long is the workshop, and what is the format?

The Rich Woman workshop typically spans around 3 hours, and it is held in virtual format. The rich girl workshop consists of deep diving into the core identity around money transforming it to your rich girl flow so you can open up to allowing more money to flow into your life.

Will I receive any materials or resources to help me after the workshop?

Yes, participants will receive comprehensive workshop materials, including workbooks, and any additional resources we use during the session. Additionally, you'll have access to a post-workshop support network and ongoing resources to continue your financial empowerment journey.

Is this workshop suitable for women at all financial stages, from beginners to those with advanced financial knowledge?

Absolutely! Our workshop is designed to cater to women at all financial stages. Whether you're just starting your financial journey or looking to enhance your financial skills, you'll find valuable insights and strategies tailored to your needs.

Can I bring specific financial questions or challenges I'm facing for discussion during the workshop?

Absolutely! We encourage participants to bring their financial questions and challenges. We will address as many questions as possible during Q&A sessions, and we will provide personalized guidance to help you overcome your challenges.

What is the "Rich Woman Workshop," and what can I expect to gain from attending?

The "Rich Woman Workshop" is a transformative event designed to empower women with financial transformation, confidence, and energy alignment to achieve financial independence and success. By attending, you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the energy money in relationship to you, overcome financial challenges, and create a roadmap to achieve your financial goals.

Your Rich Woman Guide:

Goddess Money Reiki Grandmaster Healer

Randina Marie

"Queen of Rapid Transformation"

Divine Feminine Soul Purpose Mentor, Founder Of The Power Of A Woman: Mastering The Keys To Manifesting Coaching, Gifted Intuitive, Licensed Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Life & Money Coach, Grandmaster money reiki healer, Author, Speaker, Master Healer, Creator of The Divine Effect®, Divine Feminine Spiritual Teacher, Goddess Reiki Practitioner, Goddess Alchemy Manifesting Mentor

Helping You Transform your life from the inside out

Rich Woman Payment Options

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll receive:

  • The sacred ancient tools for releasing your limiting beliefs and old stories around money so you can attract more of it than you ever knew possible. We will be doing these processes during the workshop.
  • The step-by-step process for creating new brain patterns and behaviours that feel effortless and bring you into a natural harmony with money (no more struggle!)
  • The freedom to fully express yourself and your soul’s true purpose because you’re connected to an infinite supply of money (Mission: monetized)
  • The keys to keep, grow and sustain your money health for the long-term instead of manifesting it quickly and spending every penny you make
  • Unshakeable faith that money is on its way to you every second of every day because you’re tapped into source
  • The process for manifesting miraculous amounts of money
  • The Rich Woman Workbook so you can connect into your subconscious money story and purge yourself of your past trauma around money (the trauma/conditioning that is creating your current money experience)
  • The Divine Sacred Money clearing ritual that will resolve your issues with money and redirect your neural pathways to fresh new ways of thinking about money
  • Sacred money clearings live in the workshop so you can release the drains on your energetic field, spiritually detox yourself from toxic memories and open our divine channels to receiving infinitely more money
  • Transformation of your inner poor girl into your inner Rich Woman identity


  • BONUS: The Full Sacred Money Manifesting Ritual Master Class & Ritual Workbook so you can start manifesting more money now!

Additional Bonus Gift: The Rich Woman Money Miracle Meditation. This Goddess Money Reiki™ Theta Activation will reaffirm your new beliefs around money and remind you that you are instilled with God’s infinite love and a direct divine connection to source, supporting you in all ways at all times, while the money flows in on Angels wings.

Do you want LIVE, PERSONAL healing from me during the workshop? Upgrade to the VIP option and I’ll take you through the process of surrendering and releasing your deep rooted limiting beliefs during the Rich Woman Workshop. (Limited Spaces)

Includes a Bonus Rich Woman Goddess Money Reiki Personal Session Too!

You’ll receive:

  • The complete RICH WOMAN LIVE Workshop
  • The recordings of the RICH WOMAN Workshop so you can listen back at anytime
  • The Divine Sacred Money clearing ritual
  • Sacred money group clearings live on the call

This is a $3997 value


PAY IN FULL: One payment of $497




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Click Here To Work With Randina To Become Your Rich Woman

Rich Woman VIP


You’ll receive:

  • The complete RICH WOMAN Workshop
  • A personalized healing of your deep rooted limiting beliefs and toxic money patterns from me live during the workshop, to get you into money flow
  • The recordings of the RICH WOMAN Workshop so you can listen back at anytime
  • The Divine Sacred Money clearing ritual
  • Sacred money group clearings live on the call
  • Bonus: A 30 Minute in Depth 1:1 Personal Goddess Money Reiki™ Energy Clearing Session with Randina

This is a $5497 value


One payment of $997

Pay in Full & Save


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Click Here To Work With Randina To Become Your Rich Woman

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The Power Of The Goddess Ritual

“Within 3 hours of doing the X44 ritual Day One I manifested 40k. I have a private client that is going to work with me for a full year.. Randina I am astonished - I have been manifesting for years and a big amount like this has never flown in so fast with so little effort. I am blown away and wanted to share the abundant vibes with our sacred sisterhood.” Bridget

Money Flow & New Blessings

"One of these blessings I’ve experienced recently was money flow opening up for me. I got a $4,000 bonus. I have told Randina several times how grateful I am for her, because she has truly changed my life in more ways than one!" Taylor

Goddess Alchemy: Money

You deserve a life of Abundance. It is your birthright. The laws of nature are exact. When you have your money identity transmuted to your Rich Woman Essence, you tap into the flow, and love, money, and happiness become your reality. IT IS LAW.


The Power Of Decision

Randina, I made more money in the last 4 months of working with you than I did ALL OF LAST YEAR! I am so glad I took the leap and made the decision to do your course. It was one of the best decisions of my life.”


The Divine Feminine Flow You Can Feel

Who knew that my life could change so drastically! I am not new to the world of personal development, Randina has a way of immersing and shifting the deep rooted things that you do not even know exist until they come to the surface! And holy… my paychecks first doubled and have now quadrupled since working with Randina and the power of a woman! Amazing!” Amanda

The Blessing Of A New Relationship With Money

"I had a balance of zero and my relationship with 💰 was non-existent. Thank you Randina Marie for being a part of my transformation. I realized I had manifested $17,000!!! 😭❤️😭" RN.

Upgrades & Raises

"I have been in the same position for 13yrs at my day job..I got a new boss last year and it has been a great year.. yesterday he gave me a promotion!! 6.5% raise!! I wrote everyday how thankful I was for the money I was about to receive and it just keeps coming!! Thank you Randina for giving us the tools and helping us create the lives we desire and deserve!!" Mellissa

From Healing To Millions

“From going through a horrible divorce to being with my soul mate. After having my daughter, going through a miscarriage after miscarriage being pregnant with a healthy little girl. From being broke and virtually living out of my car to owning a million dollar home. Struggling in business to being successful. Randina helps you make miracles happen. Honestly my life is proof!” Ashleigh

It’s time to heal your inner poor girl and step into your Wealthy woman From the inside out, so you can walk through the world confident, happy, and free.

This is the best decision of your life.

Your New Money Identity is the benefit.

Disclaimer: The Rich Woman Workshop does not claim in any way that this is a get rich quick strategy. Transformation is guaranteed to occur however you are still required to take action to achieve your money goals.

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